The most attractive puzzle games at the moment

Sometimes, playing games does not mean entertainment, but one of the things that creates the most excitement for us is overcoming difficult challenges. That feeling is similar to when successfully solving a difficult math problem. Capturing that mentality, many puzzle games, challenging the logic and judgment of players were born. For example, the names below.

The most attractive puzzle games at the moment

Summary of article content the best puzzle games:

1. It Takes Two

It Takes Two is one of the most fascinating puzzle games of the past few years. Since its release, the game has made many people admire. The most unique and attractive point is that, It Takes Two requires a smooth combination from both people, and cannot be played individually.

This means that players will need to interact and combine with friends and relatives to conquer It Takes Two. Highly puzzling with a lot of tough questions, requiring judgment and meticulousness, It Takes Two is definitely an indispensable name in this list.

2. Unravel

Play as a lovable creature called Yarny, the player's task is simply to explore the world around him. It doesn't sound difficult, but on the way to conquering Unravel, gamers will face a series of puzzles and challenges that require sophistication, careful observation and a little logic.

Many puzzles in Unravel even require imagination, spatial geometry as well as dexterity on the part of the player. So, although it is not too difficult, certainly, not everyone can conquer this game.

3. Portal 2

If the first version of Portal is considered the foundation brick that sets the standard for the puzzle game series, Portal 2 has completely raised the bar, breaking those rules.

Innovative in everything, Portal 2 offers challenging puzzles, a deep storyline and, above all, a much higher level of challenge for players. Not many people are patient enough to experience all the puzzles in Portal 2, and even more gamers have to ask for help from YouTube to complete this game.

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