Xyp9x said the Astralis over and it will open new opportunities

Clutch legend Andreas aka “Xyp9x” Højsleth has revealed he was looking for other options before ending his contract with Astralis.

Xyp9x said the Astralis over and it will open new opportunities

With the decline of the Danish CS:GO team it is quite obvious since the star player Nicolai “dev1ce” has moved to another team. And with rumors of most players resigning, it looks like the Era of Astralis is slowly coming to an end. Denmark's oldest member Xyp9x thinks so as he weighs his options before his current deal with Astralis ends.

Xyp9x clutch master

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“I love Astralis but I think now is a great opportunity to look around, see my options and see what the future holds. There have been some talks with Astralis but nothing credible. Everything is happening in the air,” Xyp9x told Dexerto.

The 25-year-old professional player was one of the key factors in Astralis' success from 2016 to 2020. Xyp9x has earned himself the title of "Clutch masyer" for his ability to turn a loss into a defeat. an easy win. The professional player has contributed a lot to the peak of Astralis' success in the field of e-sports but the recent decline has made him contemplating leaving the Danish organization.

Will Xyp9x leave Astralis?

As far as other sources are concerned Xyp9x has not confirmed that he will be leaving Astralis. However, professional players want to compete at a higher level and are looking for better teams. The pro revealed that he wouldn't mind playing for a North American team as he always leaves his options open. His decision to look at other institutions is attributed to the never-ending decline of Astralis enabled in the online format. The device's departure only serves as a catalyst in bringing Astralis closer to the end of its dominance.

The pro player admits that the void left by the former Sniper has definitely caused Astralis to take ten steps back. The team could have risen from the rubble if they had had the firepower of the equipment but now, that era is too far away.

“I think we can still win tournaments. Then, as things progressed, I just didn't see the old times again. I think when the device leaves, that's when the era is dead, so to speak,” said Xyp9x.

It's not yet clear what's next for Xyp9x as his contract expires at the end of 2021. If Xyp9x leaves Astralis, it will certainly leave an irreparable dent in the struggling Danish team. against inferior teams. It will be interesting to see how the organization rebuilds its roster if the rumor of most players resigning turns out to be true.

Video Xyp9x's clutches 

The video below is the memorable handling of Andreas "clutch master" in the Danish team.

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