How to play Dota 2 simple for beginners!

Dota 2 is viewed as overwhelming the web based game market on PC today with an incredibly enormous number of players. Dota 2 draws in players with very emotional and appealing ongoing interaction. So how is the ongoing interaction of Dota 2? We should figure out in the article underneath!

How to play Dota 2 simple for beginners!

Summary of conteant:

  1. Introduction to the game dota 2
  2. Roles of each position in dota 2
  3. Discover the properties of Heroes
  4. Basic terms to know
  5. Instructions on how to play Dota 2

1. Introduction to the game dota 2

Dota 2 is known as one of the most alluring allowed to-mess around for gamers. Not at all like different games, you can track down adaptable approaches to cooperating with sharp abilities while partaking in this game.

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Just like any other game, up to this point this is one of the games with ongoing battles, making many gamers go crazy and you can combine with your teammates. in order to achieve the ultimate victory.

2. Roles of each position in dota 2

Dota 2 is glad to be one of the games with broad interactivity, more than that it is planned with a genuinely simple to-play structure, players can partake in playing dota 2 to submerge themselves in the game local area as fast as could really be expected. 

You can look for some of the locations that are applied during gameplay, as follows:

Hard Carry location

Carry is one of the significant situations to carry colleagues to triumph with the heaviest errand. They have better strength looked at than others, can overpower adversaries effectively, so this is one of the significant places that we can play impeccably while partaking in this game.

Support Roles

This position belongs to the difficult task when you join this game. The task of these Heroes is to protect the carry. Hero Support is often very fragile and easy to die, so you need to equip the most basic knowledge when participating in this game. Many people who went before also said that if you do not want to die, you should not choose this position. But don't forget about the team for your own sake!

Tanker location

Also known as Durable. One of the strong positions for the whole team. The most commonly chosen Hero tanks are: Ax, Centaur, Bristleback, Dragon Knight, Wraith King, Tidehunter, Abbadon, Pudge, Undying, Specter, Huskar.

The role of the Solo mid position

The role of these heroes is to take advantage and combine with the fast level in Mid-lane to increase the speed of the game so that the top position. Keeping teammates on both ends can be more comfortable when participating in this game.

Offlane location

In the way of playing Dota 2, this position is probably too familiar to everyone. In addition to the tasks of protecting teammates and having resilience, this position also requires players to be careful and knowledgeable when playing the game.

Location Disable

As a support general, Initiator is the champion that starts the skirmishes. Tanker is a champion with high ability to withstand, stubborn, support the whole team to fight to the end.


Simply understood as heroes who have extremely good laning and turret abilities. Some typical examples can be mentioned in this position such as: Shadow shaman, Pugna, Ezalor, Naga,...

In addition to the above positions, there are some typical sub-categories such as Semi-carry, Roamer, Offlaner,....

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3. Discover the properties of Heroes

We know that, Dota 2 is an adaptation of Dota and it has 3 basic attributes of heroes in Dota 2. You can rely on these attributes to know the easiest and simplest way to play dota 2. Here, we will show you the attributes of the generals in dota 2 with 3 basic lines: Agility, Intelligence and Strength. In it, each champion has its own attributes.

For Agilliity, the icon is the shape of a foot, which has a fast speed. If the damage increases, the speed of the battle increases and its battles also become more effective than before without having to spend as much mana. This is considered the most popular champion in dota 2.

General Intelligence is symbolized by a human head and has the largest selection. It takes the main command role in team ganks. But the obvious disadvantage of Intelligence is its reliance on many tricks.

General Strength has a symbol of a hand, has great flexibility, has very good defense. The advantage of this general is that he possesses many strong combat damage from the beginning of the game to the end of the game to support other warriors to fight.

4. Basic terms to know

While playing the game, we encounter many difficulties when encountering confusing English terms. Let's search and explain some common terms when playing this game below.

  • SS: 4th skill
  • Gank: Search Hero to kill the enemy
  • Roam: Move to support teammates
  • Nx: Action Forest Farm
  • Hex: Another name for itam
  • Buff: Cast Skill on others
  • Rat: The works of Baracks
  • Noob: Only you
  • Lane: 3 roads in the game are connected
  • Juke: The concept of wriggling in the fog
  • Flash Farm: Only the ability to Farm quickly

5. Instructions on how to play Dota 2

Step 1: Define your goals

To play this game most effectively, you need to determine what its goal is?

First, you need to know the information about the dota 2 map. Then you can use groups of monsters in the game that spawn on both teams every 30 seconds. Minions will attack both heroes and enemy creeps. The losing team will be the team with the Ancient destroyed first and the game will be over.

Step 2: Understand the properties of the game

As in the above, we have introduced to you that, the attribute of this game has up to 100 different characteristics. Therefore, to be able to play this game, you must first understand its attributes to be most effective.

The main keys are Q W E R which will be the keys you need to use in this game. At the same time, we can simultaneously use the 1,2, 3 keys to move, run, jump, depending on the purpose of use. Depending on the habits of each person, you can choose a different way of hitting.

Step 3: Define the style

Depending on each Hero in Dota you need to determine your right style. Training ourselves to a certain style can help us play this game more proficiently.

Step 4: Proceed to play dota 2

The first task when participating in this game is that you have to fight against bots. Usually, this practice will be one of the ways for us to practice basic when playing with friends, reducing the burden on teammates when participating in games.

Start by: Click on “Play Dota” then select “Start With Bots”.

To join the battle with your friends, click and select "Normal Match", then select the word "Find match" to find a match.

You can join this game at any time to train your fighting spirit. The winner will win a huge amount of money when participating in this game.

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