Should I download games or crack software for free?

As you all know, now the fee to turn into free software is very popular all over the world and countries. In Vietnam today, about 80-90% of people use free software, also known as crack. Does installing games or free software have viruses? Is it safe?

Should I download games or crack software for free?

As we all know, now in many countries where the average monthly salary is quite low, we cannot pay that amount for a copyrighted software for 40-$100 per month.
So in many countries the use of cracked software is quite common, should you stop installing cracked software?

Summary of article content:

  1. What is Crack game or software?
  2. Benefits of crack for users 
  3. Is cracked software or game safe?
  4. How crack work
  5. Some types of crack you need to know
  6. Is there a way to use cracked software or games to avoid malware?

What is Crack game or software?

crack is a word that refers to a piece of software that has been cracked to the manufacturer's limitations for free use. It is usually cracked by organizations or individuals that programmers write with programs to circumvent the limitations of the software so that it becomes free.

A crack file is a patch file or part of a program that has been reverse engineered so that it can be used without using the original license or authorization keys.

Most of the famous software with copyright has to pay a rather high cost to use so some new crack organizations write a program to unlock that software to become a full version like a copyright without needing to use it have to spend a lot of money to use.

Benefits of crack for users

Using cracked software or games will help you not to pay for the service and get unlimited free and provided with full features.

  • No need to register
  • Free unlimited use
  • Provided with full features

Is cracked software or game safe?

Is cracked software or game safe?

Risk of being infected with malicious code like:

  • You can see to the security information
  • There is a chance of getting a virus aka getting a virus
  • Many websites take advantage of it to contain advertising malware
  • Affects the publisher's record.
  • You violate government policy on software piracy (Not because they are used too)

How crack work

How crack works

Learning knowledge is not for bad purposes: (Link to shared article)

First of all I want to say that this is purely for educational purposes, not to be abused :). During my assembly learning, I was tinkering with applications and found a debugger to debug programs, it's called OllyDbg. And I accidentally learned that I can jailbreak apps using it and to test my idea I cracked an AntiVirus program and it worked. This is just one of the techniques and here's how it's done:

The jailbreak application comes with two modules, the files are called avEngine.dll and activation.dll
Open the activation module in OllyDbg to find assembly code like this in the .text section.

section .text 


    push ebp 

    mov ebp, esp 



    call validateCode 

    cmp eax, #1 

    jne activationFail 


    ... ; Code on successful validation 


    jmp endCheckActivation 



    ... ; Code to show error message 



    pop ebp 


As you can see, there is a command after the comparison, called jne, which stands for jump if not equal. What should I do if I don't have the actual activation code?

I just modified the instruction, from jne to je saying I want to execute the failed code when it succeeds. I saved the assembly and replaced the original file and opened the application. I entered something random and it switched to the Pro version.

However, things may not always be so simple. You may not get these labels to understand what is what. I get them because I'm trying a debug build. This is also a single technique, which many crackers actually use.

Video and ifomation about it:

How to use it:

This depends on each app and game to game because of the multitude of copyright protections available, there is no way that will work for all apps...

Some types of crack you need to know

Patch: This is a patch that is run as a jailbreak to open paid programs.
Loader: To run the program, become an account that has used the copyright. The type of jailbreak that users have to run when they want to use unlicensed software
Reg File: Stored as a .reg, this file will import into the Windows operating system and it can be run indefinitely.
Key File: Private software is registered through a virtual key program.
Repack: The software has been pre-entered or cracked, download only and can be used freely.

Is there a way to use cracked software or games to avoid malware?

Yeap you just need download Virtual machine creation software and using it. That it

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