The Matrix Awakens is a super-beautiful, lifelike graphics game

A newly released game made from Unreal Engine 4 is incredibly beautiful like real life...

The Matrix Awakens is a super-beautiful, lifelike graphics game

The leap we can't repeat would like to think of the world famous Matrix series by its time-learning facility and enhanced visuals. Denotes a worthy change to the details in the movie, just as the way missions are changed in the movie, its impact can also be found in the game world.

Graphics game like real life or fantasy?

The Matrix Awakens

It seems like a stage ahead in modern gaming is the same as the Matrix is ​​another form of demo for Unreal Engine 5 called The Matrix Awakens that was recently distributed on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, bringing giving gamers a first look at the game's "development and coming age". It was then discovered a few days earlier that entertainers Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss had boarded. main stage at The Game Awards 2021 to reveal The Matrix Awakens and confirm that the current The Matrix Awakens tech demo is accessible, accessible without download on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S .

After Keanu Reeves' statement, many gamers downloaded The Matrix Awakens to their control center and told them that they were overindulged with the overly logical illustrations in The Matrix Awakens, making them think they were. watching a movie. The Matrix movie. Network Awakens is not the main game that offers a brief look at what Unreal Engine 5 can do. Last year, Epic Games (the designer of the Unreal Engine) flaunted the most recent form of this game improvement engine on the PlayStation 5 with an extensive, hands-on video showing the new strides being made for the game. with Architecture, Application, and Connectivity Core.

Epic Games' The Matrix Awakens is another experience that aims to demonstrate the power of Unreal Engine 5. It's a fun, concise experience for PS5 and Xbox Series X gamers starring Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss. "In this new world, you can go to any part of the city, change between night and day, or change the sun or moon across the planet. You can drive and enter any vehicle. position any of the 17,000 simulated vehicles.Or then again fly around and technically expand the already working city from 10 million unique squares.

Car chase

The Matrix Awakens

When you join the Matrix, you'll play as Niobe, another familiar face from the series and the protagonist of this demo. The playable footage begins with Niobe busily escaping a bunch of Agents chasing her car on the highway, while Trinity is driving at her best. Players can target different, scripted parts of those cars, first with a pistol, then a machine gun.

The various parts of the cars chasing you react in real-time in a very believable way, with bullet holes shooting across the body and bumpers falling to the road. Windshields will shatter and a raindrop effect on the screen, and destroyed objects become green coded strings before disappearing into the Matrix. Strange.

Open world made from Unreal Engine 5

When the chase ends with a bang, players are allowed to explore a small open world where they can empower and disable Unreal Engine 5 highlights to see what they do. This is where magic comes in. Customers can drive across the city (15.79 km² and 7,000 structures), walk and fly in the sky amazingly to see the value in sight from a higher place, as in continuous shooting mode. People have walking thickness (35,000 pedestrians recreated using MetaHuman) and the number of vehicles at traffic signals is uncommon (45,073 vehicles on the left, 17,000 vehicles in development), far more than Cyberpunk 2077 before NPC and vehicles have been repaired for reliability. This is probably what cutting edge open world games will focus on and so on.

However, this demo is set in an open world which doesn't affect the visual fetish level. Vehicle crashes are highly plausible, as vehicles tire of the constant damage, with single components deforming based on the point and strength of the impact. The light itself changes gradually depending on the position of the sun, and you can change that quickly via the demo settings, along with pedestrian traffic and thickness, or a global surface. gender. Players can observe small landmarks spread throughout the city, allowing you to learn about the elements powered by the new illustration engine, and it will take you about 30 minutes to complete the demo and be predictable be what advanced similarly. It's pretty important that this 30-minute demo is only 30GB, so it's probably unreasonable to predict this level of loyalty over the entire game.

Video about the game


Genuine Matrix Awakens is a staple of cutting-edge designs and what the most up-to-date control center can be achieved when combined with Unreal Engine 5. Epic's most recent engine, recently implemented present in Fortnite Chapter 3, is logically going to push the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S as far as possible, providing an incredible level of detail whether it's a more candid experience or an open world game. . All of this was on paper until a few days ago, however now fans of playing on the advanced control center can take a look at it for free and start yearning for a future. outstanding.