The most brutal, dehumanizing and haunting cold-blooded killers in the gaming world

If you are a fan of some horror and detective movies, you will surely find it interesting to learn the murderous faces in the game below. Let's read the article together.

The most brutal, dehumanizing and haunting cold-blooded killers in the gaming world

Monsters, aliens or biological weapons - all of which can create the image of a perfect villain in games. But sometimes, what gamers really feel afraid of, sometimes it's not the appearance, but the haunting plot in many games. But one of the villains so far is still causing a lot of controversy, the opposite reaction is the birth of a series of cold-blooded killers, brutal to the point of inhumanity in the series. The history of the game world from the past to the present.

Summary of article content:

  1. Homicidal Origami - Heavy Rain
  2. Ruvik - The Evil Within
  3. The TV Killer - Persona 4

Homicidal Origami - Heavy Rain

Serial killers are left free in an unnamed city - where the

specialty is just stifling rains and the ticking of hours before the next victims appear. Next to each body was left a neatly folded sheet of paper  which made the killer known as the Origami killer.

In Heavy Rain - players will be brought to all levels of emotions, and at the same time will definitely have to feel anger at the Origami killer through his ways of committing crimes. From drowning the victim then leaving a flower on his chest to the constant challenges given to the detectives to keep Ethan - a victim of his abduction including scenes Threatening to "saw people", Origami murder will definitely be a difficult challenge for gamers who want to conquer and destroy the island of Heavy Rain.

Ruvik - The Evil Within

The Evil Within was created by designer Shinji Mikami - who made a name for himself after the popular Resident Evil series. In an interview, Shinji shared that what he is aiming for is an experience, a feeling of fear beyond the player's imagination. That's also why Shinji created Ruvik - the villain of one of the best horror games of all time.

From birth, Ruvik - also known as Ruben Victoriano showed signs of mental instability. Not to mention, being a test subject at an early age made him lose his basic emotions. After going through countless painful times, even being killed and only resurrected by a consciousness that still exists in the machine, Ruben becomes Ruvik and the goal after that is to exterminate all those who are sucked. into his world. The Evil Within is a game that is quite heavy on psychology, gamers need to consider when playing.

The TV Killer - Persona 4

In fact, Persona 4 is not exactly a horror game. Instead, it's more like a JRPG series. The entire story will lead the player to trace the identity of TV Killer. Several locals have gone missing and all, appearing on the Midnight Channel - a strange TV channel that only shows on foggy nights. But soon, their bodies were discovered on antennas or phone lines for unknown reasons.

You and your party later discover that they can travel to a parallel world in TV, where they must battle monsters of darkness to save the next victims of The TV Killer. And the final question is still the one we have to answer - who threw everyone on the TV to die, and why is it necessary.

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