Top 10 Best City Building Games For PC in 2022

Having said that the game genre is built is never a time error theme so that the developers can satisfy with their own ideas. That's why over the decades, many games have been released with a core building theme. And in particular there is a small branch of this type built city.

Top 10 Best City Building Games For PC in 2022

In this article,I will introduce to all of you the Top 10 best city building games on PC.

It must be said that games in the city-building genre always give players a feeling of something very different. What could be better than sipping tea, eating a piece of cake and managing your own city? Those of you who love the gentle, relaxing PC game genre, with a little more wisdom, please come to this genre.

Summary of article content:

  1. Cities: Skylines
  2. Timberborn
  3. Tropico
  4. Frostpunk
  5. Surviving Mars
  6. Anno
  7. Banished
  8. Townscaper
  9. Planet Zoo
  10. TheoTown
  11. How to get free games?

Cities: Skylines

Referring to the city building game series, it is impossible not to mention Cities: Skylines. This is a game developed by Colossal Order, and released in March 2015 by Paradox Interactive on the PC platform. At launch, this is a heavyweight game with SimCity that we are about to mention below.

In the game you will play as a mayor to develop a city. With a small amount of capital and a small initial piece of land, the player has the task of building and planning a big city. And to do that you need to spend wisely, build harmonious architectures, a reasonable tax policy… These factors combine to create a city of your dreams.

Currently the game has a lot of players, the community is also very large, so there are many mods that you can use to expand the game. Every year the publisher also releases various DLCs to refresh the game. And more especially, the game has been Vietnameseized, so you can easily access it.

You can buy this game in: here


There are a lot of city developer games out there and I am not going to quit playing them because I despise myself. The beavers have taken our place. Call it "beaver." Currently, there are two groups: Nightingales are great rancher beavers that only worship them deep in the wet ground, digging and sowing seeds. Ironteeth is the more modern beaver, all cylinder and dam metal. Possibly a Goth-modern beaver.

Like most of these games, you really want to address everyone's necessities and deal with a large, fuzzy beaver that's more complicated than it looks. Keeping your beaver happy will be surprisingly confusing. For example, they cannot simply go for a walk and cover their appearance in the gushing water. What are they, creatures? You would simply have a steamy beaver, assuming they did. No, they need a drinking straw to get that invigorating spout through their tongue.

At this point, the tutorial essentially gets you moving and it's up to you to make your way through so many giant, penniless beavers that need to be kept wet and stuffed with carrots. Maybe you get fully active energy, get a stiff, spindle to bind to the water that causes the beaver to come out of the dome. Or on the other hand maybe you watch the button explode and flood everything. It's completely doable for the beaver to get too wet. Or on the other hand, they're all handed down in the tutorial because you didn't build a road to the water siphon and the bony guys don't have the best idea how to get there without the path mentioned above. Indeed, even the passing of displeasure does not measure building landmarks for the monster beavers or giving them a pleasant ride on a large wooden steed at the merry-go-round. Indeed, they need to be entertained in one way or another. This is a pretty good construction game for you

You can buy this game in: here


Since its inception (2001) until now, Limbic Entertainment and publishers have released 6 parts of the Tropico series. This is one of the games in the construction genre with very interesting gameplay when incorporating political elements into the game. The game is highly appreciated by players, especially part 6, which was just released in 2019.

In the game you will play as General El Presidente who is the head of Tropico kingdom in the Caribbean. Players will go through periods from the colonial era, the World War era, the Cold War era, and up to the modern era. Each stage, you need to have different construction strategies to help the city develop the best.

Reasonable management will help players gain the hearts of the people, avoiding revolts. If you are interested in intellectual gameplay, try this game yourself. Currently, part 5 has Vietnameseized to help Vietnamese gamers easily access this game.

You can buy this game in: here


It must be said that 11 bit studios have created a masterpiece of city building games when they released the game Frostpunk in 2018. The game sold more than 1.4 million copies within 1 year, this is a record number for this series of games. The game has received countless positive reviews from the gaming community.

In the game, you will play as a leader in the 19th century, where you will help your inhabitants survive and expand the land. It's tough to live in an extremely hot crater winter environment. There will be many options available to help grow your city. The game has a lot of different challenges you should try to play it.

You can buy this game in: here

Surviving Mars

Have you played earth building games? Want to find a unique game of this genre? Come to Surviving Mars, where you can build a city on Mars. The game was released by Paradox Interactive on PC in 3/2018, the game has created a new craze in the gaming community. To survive in the universe, it is certain that there will be a lot of new elements.
In particular, the parameters of soil climate conditions are 100% duplicated on Mars. You will have to build a building to create Oxygen, food ... all must be balanced harmoniously.
The game received more than 10,000 reviews on the Steam platform with a very high score of 9/10. Thereby can also show us how hot this game is. Currently, the game has a Vietnamese version to help you play the game more easily....

You can buy this game in: here


Anno is one of the cult series in the genre of city building combined with real-time strategy. Since 1998, the game has released a total of 7 parts, each with its own charm. Personally, I think Anno 1404 (2009) is the best, followed by 1800 with much more advanced graphics.

In the game you will have to go through all the civilizations of humanity, each period has different architecture. From renaissance to later modernity, Anno has it all. This is a very good series in the construction genre, you should try it.

Currently, the game has many Vietnameseized parts such as 2070, 1404, which are all attractive games. The game has sold over 20 million copies already, so its attraction is undeniable. Let's download and enjoy together.

You can buy this game in: here


Banished sounds like the name of the game seems to have a bit of a dark meaning :v. In the game you will have to build an isolated society, and you know that isolation means resources, food, and survival conditions will be quite difficult. Thereby forcing the player to calculate the most reasonable way to balance the factors together.

The game was released at the end of 2013 with extremely simple graphics. But don't let that simplicity ignore a good game like this. Now the game has been Vietnameseized, so you guys can relax. Play along and let us know what you think below.

You can buy this game in: here


If you are looking for a city building game for pc with unique gameplay, Townscaper is a great choice for you. Not only management, but you can also create the architecture for the city yourself. The game has a very simple gameplay when you just need to build and build kk. The graphics of the game have a very eye-catching cartoon style.

Although the game was just released in 2020, it quickly became popular when there were hundreds of thousands of copies sold in the market. The game is really relaxing for you guys, look at the gameplay above and you will see it. If you are interested in this game, please download and play.

You can buy this game in: here

Planet Zoo

You will not be disappointed when you learn this game. It's really cool and not much different from city building games.

In the game you will have the task of building a sanctuary for animals. Here you will receive thousands of visitors every day, how to both satisfy tourists and manage the animals in the zoo. This is a tough challenge. Planet Zoo's gameplay is a bit complicated at first, so it takes some time to get used to.

The game is receiving very high appreciation from the gaming community. Thousands of winged compliments for this game have proven that this is a game not to be missed. Planet Zoo currently does not have Viet Hoa, so please note. If you like it, find it and download it to have fun together.

You can buy this game in: here


TheoTown a name seems very strange, doesn't it? I know there will be a few PC friends who don't have high configuration and want to find a light city-building game, so I decided to put this game on the list. This is a light game and it's pretty cool. If you ignore the graphics, the gameplay of the game is very attractive.

In the game you can build your own city very simply. If you like the nostalgic style, this is a game worth choosing. Although it was released later, the developer still decided to choose to build simple graphics to focus on the gameplay. The game is rated very positively on steam, you should try it.

You can buy this game in: here

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