Valorant: Bundle Xenohunter is considered a 'pay-to-lose' gun skin for this reason

Although it does not affect the game too much, the Xenohunter bundle is still facing a wave of boycotts because it is a 'pay-to-lose' skin.

Valorant: Bundle Xenohunter is considered a 'pay-to-lose' gun skin for this reason

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  1. Bundle Xenohunter is boycotted
  2. Other stories of the day
    1. 'Father of the Year' asks the community for help to complete the Battle Pass for his son
    2. 'Alfajer' from rejected name to best player in Europe right now

I. Bundle Xenohunter is boycotted

Usually with online games, when you recharge to buy equipment, the player's character will be stronger - ie Pay-to-win. However, this cannot be applied to Esports games because this is where fairness should be a top priority. Gun skins or items in e-sports titles are often just decorative, not affecting the player experience.

However, Valorant's newly released Xenohunter Bundle is a completely different story. Instead of bringing a better experience to gamers through changing visual effects, sound… This Bundle was criticized as 'Pay-to-lose' – pay to…lose because it blocks the reach. look in the fighting phase with the enemy.

Specifically, the Xenohunter Phantom gun, after upgrading, will display a small map measuring the heart rate on the left. Thought this would be a good idea, but in fact, it will make the player lose sight in certain areas of the screen.

It is known that this panel is for entertainment purposes only. It cannot scan out enemies, but it can interact with the player's own character. For example, when entering smoke, the radar on the control panel will be blurred or while taking damage, the heart rate on that screen will also change.

I don't understand, why did Riot Games make a panel sticking out the side of the Xenohunter Phantom tree for what purpose when this idea has been applied perfectly to other guns with the Bundle like Odin, Frenzy, Bucky. Perhaps Riot Games will soon find a solution to edit this panel in the near future, but such a beautiful gun with a pay-to-lose reputation is a pity!

1. 'Father of the Year' asks the community for help to complete the Battle Pass for his son

Recently, on Reddit, a post appeared that made the community extremely excited and excited. A user named Bingonight appealed to the Valorant community to help him complete the Battle Pass for his son.

According to Bingonight, his son is a die hard Valorant fan and can't wait to complete the final reward milestones to own the beautiful ax. However, the only thing stopping his son was the fact that he broke his arm at this sensitive time. While that injury needs at least a month to heal, the Battle Pass is just over 10 days away.

Not wanting his son to be sad because of his broken arm but also disappointed by not having an ax, 'father of the year' – Bingonight has posted a subreddit asking for help from the Valorant community so that he can help him understand more about Valorant to help himself. hand plow battle pass for the boy.

After only a few hours, Bingonight received a series of comments from the community and direct messages to ask to help. A series of community comments on where to focus on to level up the battle pass fastest, useful tips as well as compliments for his love for his son.

Since the time of posting, Bingonight has updated its topic 3 times. He is very grateful for the community's help and says that he is feeling very happy using Reyna to 'plow' points. It is known that Bingonight was also a passionate gamer of FPS games, especially Counter Strike: Source, so except for the special skill mechanics, perhaps he will soon get acquainted with Valorant and complete it. battle pass for my son only.

2. 'Alfajer' from rejected name to best player in Europe right now

Alfajer, the name was inspired by a racehorse on European TV channels. As strong and mighty as his favorite horse, Emir Ali “Alfajer” Beder is a new phenomenon of the Valorant scene in the EMEA region. Alfajer has his first match at the 2021 Surreal Esports team in Turkey. . At the end of the season, Alfajer earned a huge reputation as the most popular rookie of the season. According to VLR.GG, this young player averaged 152.3 damage per round at the VCT Stage One EMEA Promotion, which is a pretty terrible number even compared to veteran shooters.

'Good news from far away', Alfajer was immediately noticed by talent scouting teams of large organizations. From BIGs, Acends, etc., but unfortunately, he was rejected. "For me it is a great sadness," Alfajer said. Anh also said that BIG chose another player because he had more experience, while Acend said that Alfajer's English was not good enough to communicate with the team. Little did they know that they had missed out on an extremely bright talent.

Alfajer joined Fnatic at the end of VCT Stage 2. However, since having this young player in the squad, Fnatic has not lost a single game. This 2005-born talent has an insanely high set of stats, surpassing all the other veteran players in Europe with a 292.6 average combat score. This is really a parameter too 'phantom' because Alfajer is a completely new name and not all Valorant players know about this name.

Many people have said that this is just a "lucky" start for this player. However, if one looks closely at Alfajer's gameplay, one will see that the above parameters are completely grounded. With the main position of Sentinels but possessing the hands and mindset of a Duelist, this young man always shows an extremely 'bloodthirsty' gameplay. Even in the past 30 days, Killjoy's average combat score in Alfajer's hand was 260.7. And you should remember, this is just an average.

Alfajer is truly a new 'dark horse' in the international Valorant village. Is the young man currently the best Valorant player in Europe at the moment? Based on the parameters and what he is showing, this can certainly be considered the "biggest" young man of the EMEA region at the moment. But to say he is the best player of all time in the EMEA region, it is too early to prove it. Especially since this is his first season with Fnatic, and there is still a lot waiting for the 17-year-old on the way to conquer Valorant's highest glory.

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